Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling


Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is now in its 10th Edition, published March, 2013, and the content has been updated to accurately reflect current search techniques and websites.2012 SALES BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERas selected by the 1,500 Member Companies of AA-ISPIf information is power, Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is ”power on steroids!” Know more than you ever thought you could (or should) about your clients, prospects, and competition. No more winging it. No more guessing what the other person cares about. Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is a fascinating journey into the world of information, how to easily find it, and how to apply it to make sure you are offering relevant solutions. By practicing the techniques taught in the book, you will make a great first impression during sales calls and you will provide value and build meaningful and mutually beneficial client relationships. Once you master Warm Call techniques, you win more business, establish deep relationships with

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