Inside DMS Automotive Dealer Management System


Inside DMS Automotive Dealer Management System

Inside DMS – Automotive Dealer Management System, is a 360 degree tour de force of the intricate world of automotive retail and how that relates to automotive dealer management systems (DMS) today and especially the future. The book evolves around the fundamental and pressing issue of reforming how automotive retailers operate to how consumers are rapidly changing their buying behavior, for instance as a result of social media. Business to business and traditional consumer marketing is “dead”, while peer-to-peer marketing is taking over. In other words, purchasing of cars is quickly changing from advertising and in dealership sales process induced to be highly influenced by the new social media and consumers’ own research. Buyers of cars may be more educated about the product they are interested in that the sales guy at the dealership! THAT is a challenge of potentially cataclysmic proportions for automotive retailers, unless they try to understand the changes and quickly ad

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