Presenting to Boards: Practical Skills for Corporate Presentations


Presenting to Boards: Practical Skills for Corporate Presentations

A book of practical hints and tips for making successful board presentations. Boardroom presentations can gain acceptance of new strategic proposals, make sales, or build shared understanding and common identities. They are important to career success. Board protocols, behaviours, and legal liabilities may be very different from those in executive life. Understanding the boardroom environment is fundamental to presentation success. Most information on presenting is designed to help reluctant presenters to survive their ordeal. Very little is written or taught about how to excel and how to meet and surpass the expectations of highly discerning corporate audiences. Yet that is what boardroom presenters must do. This book provides practical skills that will help you to make your boardroom presentations successful. Written by an internationally acclaimed expert on corporate governance and filled with real life anecdotes and helpful tips, this book is a ‘must read’ for any executive who

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