Branding & Sales :::: The LinkedIn Way


Branding & Sales :::: The LinkedIn Way

A complete manual for any LinkedIn user on how to use LinkedIn as their #1 Online Branding and Sales Tool. This step-by-step LinkedIn marketing guide with language any business professional or executive can appreciate, was written by Jasmine Sandler, listed as one of the top 40 Digital Marketing Strategists of all time by the Online Marketing Institute in 2013. Miss Sandler is a known LinkedIn marketing coach and trainer to business audiences and corporate sales groups around the world. In this her first full book, Jasmine gives the reader immediate, actionable instructions on how to make their LinkedIn profile and participation drive qualified leads and sustainable business relationships. For anyone who is looking to use LinkedIn as a Sales, Personal Branding or Corporate Branding tool, “Branding & Sales:::: The LinkedIn Way” is a must read.

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