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Sales - The Guide to Successful Selling

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How-to-sell books are a dime a dozen. Anyone can throw together a bunch of sales techniques and strategies, put them in a book and pass the book of as a “how-to” book and thereby do salespeople, especially beginners, a huge disservice.

You need the techniques and strategies, it is true, but you need to understand how the parts fit together. And that is what these “how-to” authors do NOT tell you: how to fit the sales techniques together into one streamlined cohesive sales process that leads you to success!

For example they will tell you that you need to get referrals, that referrals are the life-blood of selling. That is correct. It is also irresponsible. Sure, referrals can be good, but there are times when you should NOT use referrals. There are times when they will hold you back. You need to know the difference.

A bagful of tricks is OK, but it is not enough. What is missing in most “how-to” books is an over-all UNDERSTANDING of selling and the sales process.

Authors will give you a dozen great power closes. And you think, great, at least one of them will work. But you will never get a chance to use all dozen of them on any one prospect. You will only be able to use one or two of them per presentation and you have to be able to pin point with unerring accuracy which one of the dozen is the correct one. In order to do this you have to have an UNDERSTANDING of how the sales close works. And that is one of the things we focus on in this book. Just a bundle of tricks is not enough!

And what these authors fail to tell you is that all dozen of those closing techniques have ONE INGREDIENT in common. Unless you know that one ingredient, you will not be able to get any of the closes to work! We spend a whole chapter just on that one ingredient; it may well be the most important chapter in the book!

Moreover NO STRATEGY will work if you choose the wrong market. If you are selling two-seater sports cars, you won’t want to be marketing them to families with children. The right market is crucial and most authors simply do not know how to find the right market. That is one of the many things we discuss in this book.

And what these authors do not tell you, and they don’t even come close to telling you is, how to choose your product. Did you know that sometimes it is better to choose a product that pays a lower commission? Why? Because there are a LOT of factors to consider. EVERYTHING has to fit together.

And that is what this book does. It helps you build a sales career, from the ground up, taking into consideration ALL the factors so that you walk away with an UNDERSTANDING of how the process works.

Let me ask you a question: if salesmanship was merely a matter of learning a bunch of great techniques, then why are the overwhelming majority of salespeople struggling to make ends meet? Because a bunch of techniques is not enough. What is necessary is the UNDERSTANDING of the whole sales process. Without that crucial understanding, all those great techniques are nothing but a bunch of cheap tricks.

And that is where this book can help you: it gives you the techniques and strategies, for sure, but it goes a lot further: it “goes behind” the techniques and strategies and shows you what makes them tick, what makes them work, when to apply them, when NOT to apply them and so on.

This insightful treatment of selling is made possible because Mr Toth has studied psychology and sociology at university level. In addition he has been active in sales – that is, he has pounded the pavement – for over forty years and is still active in sales today. Perhaps more than anyone else, he knows what he is talking about. Simply put, this book is FULL of things about selling that other authors cannot, or will not, tell you. This book is a MUST for any serious student of the sales process.


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